About Our Service Center Luxury - Performance Automotive Group

Your Local Delray Beach Luxury Sports Car Service Center
The service center at Luxury-Automotive Performance Group is your destination for maintenance and repairs for your premiere luxury auto. When you drive an extraordinary vehicle, no ordinary one-hour oil change service will do. Whether you’re looking for accessories, routine maintenance, or repairs to your dream machine, we have all the equipment, technology and training needed to ensure that your vehicle receives the careful attention needed to keep it running in peak condition.

Our Master Technicians have All the Required Expertise for Your High-Performance Vehicle
When your car is built by the best engineers in the world, so you won’t want to entrust its care to just anyone. Luxury Performance Auto Group’s technicians have completed training to properly care for your BMW, Ferrari, Porsche, Rolls Royce, Bentley and other high-end luxury car brands. From the moment we take the keys, extra attention is given to protecting your leather and wood interior while using only the right parts and fluids to extend the life of your machine. We’ll even give vacuum up any dirt and give it a wash before returning it to your garage.

Do you know who to call to Schedule Your Service on Your Time with Valet, Pick-Up, and Delivery?
No need to interrupt your busy day and spend it at the repair shop. We understand your time is valuable and will make arrangements to pick up your vehicle and drop it back off after the repair. When you’re leaving the area for a while, we also offer secure indoor storage facilities that feature air conditioning and are monitored 24/7.

Who do you call for when your car needs help?
While driving a precision machine, you do learn every hum, purr, and rattle that your vehicle makes. When you notice a new noise, feel the wheel pulling to the left, or a new light pops up on your dash, a quick diagnosis can prevent severe damage from developing down the road. We always have time to help you keep your baby looking and running great and appreciate every time you bring your vehicle by for service.


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